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About Simply Mobilizing

Simply Mobilizing is all about seeing every believer living a life on mission with God and every church a missional church, facilitating God’s people on mission with God.

We exist as a movement in over 100 countries and 30 languages.

From early beginnings in the late ‘70’s providing leadership development in the Filipino church, the focus transitioned in the late ‘80’s to mobilizing them to engage the Muslim population in their communities. The Kairos Course was developed by the team at Living Springs International progressively over the next few decades, based on Dr. Jonathan Lewis’ three-volume ‘World Mission Book’, which contained similar themes and foci to the ‘Perspectives on the World Christian Movement’ material. Global momentum using the Kairos Course over the next 20 years has been a significant factor in the development of a biblical worldview and in understanding God’s heart for the nations.

Recognizing the need for even greater emphasis on mobilization, Simply Mobilizing was launched in September 2015. Simply Mobilizing is the outgrowth of the Kairos Course movement and introduces multiple mobilization courses and programs both for Christians and for church leaders. Simply Mobilizing is also focused on the development and training of Mobilizers to enhance and grow this important ministry of mobilization.

We now are organized in 12 Global Regions intent on seeing the church around the world actively engaged in God’s global mission, beginning with those nearest to us.  

God is doing amazing things in the world and you get to be a part of that. In your city, in your workplace, in your family.