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Training for mobilizers

God is doing amazing things in the world and you get to be a part of that. The church gets to be a part of that, but the church always needs leaders to show it the way and call it back to mission.

Do you have the desire to see all God’s people on mission with him?  Have you found yourself sharing this desire with other believers?  If so, God may be calling you to be a Mobilizer.  Check out these programs and find out!

Mobi 101 is a one-day seminar designed as an introduction to ‘general mobilization’ (also referred to as prophetic or Level 1 mobilization) that is the category of mobilization of Simply Mobilizing.

The seminar itself has three main sections.

Section one looks at the missional basis of the Bible and therefore the need for mobilization.

Section two looks at mobilization as prophetic and apostolic ministries to the Body of Christ, Section three provides a practical exercise of discovery of ones calling to the ministry of mobilization.


Mobi Groups

Mobilizer Groups, or Mobi Groups, are designed to further the development of mobilizers into becoming fruitful in their mobilizing ministry. They are also designed to help grow the Tribe of Mobilizers. Anyone interested can be part of a Mobi Group.


Mobiliology Workshop

The Mobiology Workshop is designed to enable SM mobilizers to COMMUNICATE the SM message in a concise and effective way. We want to ENABLE and INSPIRE mobilizers to be good communicators of the message!

Effective communication of our Mobiology is vitally important if we want our message to be taken seriously!

What is our message?

  • God on mission, and God on mission with His people
  • Every believer called to be on mission with God
  • All churches called to be missional churches (nurturing, equipping & releasing)

God’s purpose for this age is fulfilled through God’s people living a life on mission with God!

  • Unreached are reached
  • Unsaved are presented with the Gospel
  • Christ’s Kingdom is displayed to all  nations
  • God’s people are made ready for God’s future world

Every SM Mobilizer should be able to explain, defend and elaborate on this SM message clearly and effectively!

By the end of the workshop participants should be able to:

  • Explain “What we do and How we do it”, in 3 main points
  • Understand the need for Prophetic Mobilization and be able to explain what it is
  • Understand the main principles of Mobiology and be able to explain the theology of Mobilization in two minutes
  • Explain each SM Product in two minutes
  • Understand the Mobilizer’s pathway and identify your place in it
  • Explain what a Missional Church is
  • Contextualize the message in different settings
  • Experience a Mobi Group session

More information

If you would like more information about any of these courses, please use the form here to get in contact with us. We're here to help you get connected.

God is doing amazing things in the world and you get to be a part of that. In your city, in your workplace, in your family.