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What people are saying

 A slap in the face of the ’typical Christian’ to really get on with God’s Kingdom program! It has solid theology, missiology, strategy, history and culture--but moves people to action!
Dr Yaw Perbi
International Student Ministries
Montreal, Canada

When I recently took the Kairos course, I had been back in Canada for 4 years after serving as a missionary in Asia for 20 years. Now I want to go back and do it all again! But Kairos is not just for those who are "serious" about missions. In fact it does a great job of exploding the idea that missions is something for a special interest group or is just one of many departments within a church. Kairos shows that missions is central to God's heart, to the Bible, and therefore should be central to the church and to each individual follower of Christ. I love the way the course is structured. Added to solid teaching content provided by the workbook and video talks by respected missionaries and scholars are times of worship, intercession for unreached people groups and devotionals. One of my favorite parts was the growth point groups where we discuss with others how we can practically apply what we're learning to our lives . Who is Kairos for? In my opinion, everyone who calls Jesus Lord. We owe it to Him and to those who still haven't heard.

Chuck Hamm
Leadership Development
Youth With A Mission
& City Life Church
Chilliwack, BC
「把握時機」 (Kairos) 不僅是一個以聖經為基礎的宣教課程, 對渴望認識神和神使命的基督徒而言, 這課程更是一個生活改變的旅程。 「把握時機」已經幫助了許多信徒領袖,傳道人, 牧師和宣教士更深入地了解神的心意,神給祂子民的計劃,和如何有策略地將福音傳給世界上最少聽聞福音的群體。這課程採用多種有效的教學方法,幫助成年學員,去掌握近代有名的宣教學者及宣教士所領受的最新宣教理論及經驗。通過「把握時機」宣教課程,許多畢業學員的生命得到復興,經歷更新的熱忱,願意委身事奉我們全能的神, 他們被挑戰去與志同道合的基督徒和教會一起合作,在他們的社區及海外同心合意擴展神的國度。我真誠地建議所有基督徒和教會領袖來參加學習「把握時機」。我深信「把握時機」宣教課程會幫助你和你的教會成為胸懷普世基督徒和大使命教會。
Kairos is a very manageable introduction to our missionary God. It provides all participants with actionable opportunities to join God in his mission in ways suited to their unique shape.
Stuart Smith
ISMC City Director
London, Ontario
Kairos est un cours extraordinaire qui inspire, instruit et challenge du début à la fin. L'approche variée et dynamique utilisée réussie à nous communiquer une passion pour la mission et pour toutes les nations. Les enseignements élargissent considérablement notre vision du monde en nous faisant comprendre le coeur de Dieu pour tous les groupes ethniques. Et enfin, nous ne sortons pas de là sans avoir été mis au défi de faire plus et mieux en lien avec cette priorité divine. C'est une formation révélatrice qui non seulement équipe et enflamme le participant, mais qui a aussi le potentiel de même ranimer le zèle d'une église entière!

Kairos is an extraordinary course which inspire, instruct and challenge from beginning to end. By the diverse and dynamic approaches used, a passion for mission and for all nations is communicated to us. The teachings widen our worldview by helping us to understand God's heart for all people groups. Finally, we don't come back home without being challenged to do more and better for the fulfillment of this divine priority. It's a revealing training which not only equip and arouse the passion of the participant but also has the potentiel to rekindle the flames of a church!
Sonny Perron
Church Planter
Montreal, Quebec
If you're serious about faith and refocusing on things that really matter, that's what this course is for.
Kairos participants
Kairos is a call to connect God’s mission to bring His glory to the nations with the church’s responsibility to play its role in that mission.
Dan McMillin
ISMC City Director
Calgary, Alberta
「把握时机」 (Kairos) 不仅是一个以圣经为基础的宣教课程, 对渴望认识神和神使命的基督徒而言, 这课程更是一个生活改变的旅程。「把握时机」已经帮助了许多信徒领袖,传道人, 牧师和宣教士更深入地了解神的心意,神给祂子民的计划,和如何有策略地将福音传给世界上最少听闻福音的群体。这课程采用多种有效的教学方法,帮助成年学员,去掌握近代有名的宣教学者及宣教士所领受的最新宣教理论及经验。通过「把握时机」宣教课程,许多毕业学员的生命得到复兴,经历更新的热忱,愿意委身事奉我们全能的神, 他们被挑战去与志同道合的基督徒和教会一起合作,在他们的社区及海外同心合意扩展神的国度。我真诚地建议所有基督徒和教会领袖来参加学习「把握时机」。我深信「把握时机」宣教课程会帮助你和你的教会成为胸怀普世基督徒和大使命教会。

God is doing amazing things in the world and you get to be a part of that. In your city, in your workplace, in your family.