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Our practice

Who is the SM Mobilizer?

Our mobilizers are skilled, committed team players, proficient in using different mobilization tools to involve all God’s people in meaningful participation in the world Christian movement.

We work across a diverse range of denominational and ministry expressions, cultures, and languages. We have at our core a heart for seeing all God’s people mobilized and engaged in kingdom work wherever they are placed, using a toolbox that includes various courses and programs for churches and church leaders. 

Simply Mobilizing provides training pathways that help our mobilizers journey in, and become more effective in, their mobilization calling.

The M1 Pathway

The Pathway for Level 1 Mobilizers, also called the M1 Pathway, outlines the journey of an SM mobilizer in three stages: discovery, development, and ministry. The M1 Pathway has been developed to help those called to be mobilizers journey successfully into fruitful mobilizing in the Body of Christ.


Level 1 Mobilization – General Mobilization: Formation of Biblical Worldview: understanding the Mission of God, and the Mission of God’s people.

Level 2 Mobilization – Specific Mobilization: Ministry preparation, training, ministry skills, pathways identified.

Level 3 Mobilization – Deployment & Fruitful Ministry

Category 1 – Belonging to the SM Movement – anyone who seems themselves as part of the Simply Mobilizing movement (focused on formation of a Biblical Worldview)

Category 2 – Mobilizer Associate with Simply Mobilizing Canada – Those who function in mobilizing ministries. Primary accountability is in a local church or ministry. Accountability for ‘SM product delivery’ will be to Simply Mobilizing Canada

Category 3 – Committed to Simply Mobilizing Canada – Mobilizers who are fully engaged in mobilization or support of the movement. They are directly accountable to Simply Mobilizing Canada.

God is doing amazing things in the world and you get to be a part of that. In your city, in your workplace, in your family.