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Stories, practical resources & thought-provoking articles to help mobilize God's people in Canada to be fruitfully engaged with God, on mission.


A Kairos Story: Serving Afghan Refugees In Toronto

Edwin reflects on his journey, over the last few years, of connecting with Afghan refugees in Canada, and how God opened doors and orchestrated encounters beyond his expectations!

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A Kairos Story: The Course that Changed my Culture

It had barely been two weeks since I had completed the Kairos course when it happened. It wasn’t planned. All I did was go to 7-11 to buy cream ...

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Share the Light during Eid al-Adha

"Have you ever been some place really dark?

Those of us who live in cities seldom experience true darkness because of all the ambient light.

Several times a year we get to spend time at our friends’ cabin on an island off the west coast of BC. It’s pretty remote. When the sun goes down and the generator is turned off the only light comes from the moon and stars. On cloudy days it’s REALLY dark. I’m so glad for my flashlight when I need to find my way around after dark..."

In this article, Lorna shares about Eid al-Adha and encourages Christians to "share the light" with their Muslim friends during this celebration. 

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Loving a Mosque Community Together

Explore the inspiring journey of Loving Muslims Together in their mission that every Muslim in Canada would have a Christian friend who was companioning them in a journey of exploration and discovery about Jesus Christ—whether Jesus is a prophet (as claimed in Islam) or whether he is the Son of God, the Saviour of the world (as claimed by Christians).

This article recounts a pivotal moment at a conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the author's search for nearby mosques sparked a realization of the need to re-evaluate their approach. Discover how LMT's vision evolved, aiming for every mosque community to have at least one church community praying for it…

Introducing Loving Muslims Together

God is giving us an opportunity. The nations of the world have come to our neighbourhood.

The Loving Muslims Together Network encourages, mobilizes, equips, and supports the Canadian Church in helping Muslims in Canada to become disciples of Jesus. 

Here is a short (4 minute) video introduction to Loving Muslims Together....

Unexpected Hospitality

A story of unexpected hospitality! A broken fence that led to neighbours showing mutual hospitality to one another... ...

The Journey of Discovery

I don’t like to run. My experience of running is that I’m short of breath, sweaty & hot, and there’s a voice in my head telling me to STOP!!!!

Recently, while praying for Muslims in Canada during Ramadan, an image popped into my mind, (a not-infrequent experience when I’m praying).

The image was of a person running along a road that stretched into the distance. They were running in a long-distance race that was called ‘Journey of Discovery’. Actually, there were quite a few runners, but they each were running alone.

I noticed that at some points in the race there were people cheering the runners on, encouraging them and spurring them to keep going. At other points in the race there were refreshment stations where the runners could receive nourishment for the next leg of the race. Sometimes people would run alongside the racers, keeping pace with them, encouraging them to keep running.

Some runners kept running strong. Some runners who were faltering were encouraged by the cheering, and the nourishment, and the companionship they received. Some runners slowed to a walk. Some stopped altogether and left the race... 

A Vanilla Life: 5 Questions to Consider as you Build Cross-Cultural Friendships

5 Questions to Consider as you Build Cross-Cultural Friendships.

Vanilla describes many of our childhoods: Food was predictable, community was homogenous, and the exotic or unusual was reserved for travelogue shows on TV. Join the author as she shares her journey to reconsider the world and our place in it through the lens of cross-cultural friendships.

Prayer for Sikhs

As the Sikh community celebrates Vaisakhi (a spring harvest festival) beginning April 13th/14th, would you join us in praying that the Lord of the Harvest will produce much fruit among them? 

In this article, Lorna shares some basics about the Sikhism, and a prayer guide to help you pray for the Sikh people. 

Muslim Worldview

If you look through the wrong end of a telescope, rather than enlarging your view, the telescope actually shrinks and distorts what you see. If the viewer didn’t know better, it would be possible to believe that what was being seen from the wrong end of the telescope is the correct view. But viewing from the other end, a whole new understanding opens up and is enlarged. What has been hidden becomes clear.

If you were an astronomer observing someone looking at the stars through the wrong end of a telescope, could you resist telling them the right way to truly see the fullness of God’s beautiful celestial canopy?  

If you are a lover of Jesus Christ, forgiven and cleansed from your sins, and made right with God, can you resist telling your Muslim friends and neighbours of the fullness of all that God has already accomplished for them, and the freedom and hope they can enjoy in walking with Jesus?