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Stories, practical resources & thought-provoking articles to help mobilize God's people in Canada to be fruitfully engaged with God, on mission.



The moon has become an interesting metaphor for me of what it means to ‘shine brightly’ as a witness for Jesus Christ to the world. 

Unlike the stars, which like our sun are gaseous balls of fire generating their light and heat internally, the moon is a lump of rock with no ability to generate any light at all. Rather, it is a reflector of the light produced by our sun. 

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A Vanilla Life: 5 Questions to Consider as you Build Cross-Cultural Friendships

5 Questions to Consider as you Build Cross-Cultural Friendships.

Vanilla describes many of our childhoods: Food was predictable, community was homogenous, and the exotic or unusual was reserved for travelogue shows on TV. Join the author as she shares her journey to reconsider the world and our place in it through the lens of cross-cultural friendships.

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The Search for Meaning: 5 Simple Steps

5 Simple Steps to Search for God's Unique Purpose for your Life. How do we invite or search for a unique and life-changing opportunity to serve God? Finding our purpose in a changing world need not be complicated.

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