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Stories, practical resources & thought-provoking articles to help mobilize God's people in Canada to be fruitfully engaged with God, on mission.


Missional Practice: Pruning to Make Room for Growth

Matthew Hiscock shares about the missional practice of pruning. Through pruning methods and practices in his personal & work life, Matthew has seen an impact on his connection with God & within his ministry!

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Missional Practice: Loving Muslims

Cristina shares about praying for an opportunity to develop friendships with Muslim women in her community, and how God has opened doors for her to develop relationships.

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Missional Practice: Into the Neighbourhood

As she started walking regularly in her neighbourhood, Carol began to meet her neighbours. As neighbours shared about their families, their work, and their stories, relationships begin to develop and blossom. This is the story of a neighbourhood discovering each other!

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Missional Practice: Defining & Living Out Core Values

In this short video clip, Jeremy shares about family values and how family is a vehicle that God uses for our formation as we are joining him in his mission. 

Missional Practice: Connecting with International Students

In this two-minute video clip, Ron Brown shares about interacting with international students, and connecting to the global village in his neighbourhood. What opportunities exist for you to "live missionally with the nations" in your neighbourhood or city?

Missional Practice: Reading Scripture with Missional Eyes

In this two-minute video clip, Lorna shares about reading the Bible with a missional lens and encourages you to step out and engage with the neighbours God has brought near to you. 

"Let God's heart transform your heart as you begin to understand his incredible love and unchanging purposes throughout the ages. From there, you can begin to explore how to join Jesus in his mission at your doorstep."

This is the first of our Simply Mobilizing Canada "Missional Practices" videos.