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My Simply Mobilizing Conference Story: Tabitha

Tabitha /Wednesday, November 15, 2023


My Simply Mobilizing Story

I went to the Simply Mobilizing Global Conference for two distinct reasons: encouragement and an invitation.

I first took Kairos in 2015 but was unable to attend the global conference that year. My parents, however, went to that year's conference and encouraged me to stay involved in Simply Mobilizing, and, eventually, to attend the 2023 Global Conference.

In 2016, I ended up getting involved in the attempted launch of Youth Kairos in Canada. And this past year, I became somewhat of a placeholder national representative on a global level for Youth Kairos in Canada. It was partially due to this involvement that I was invited to check out "The Unfinished Story for Youth" (TUSFY) as a young person at the 2023 conference. Taking "The Unfinished Story for Youth" in Chiang Mai had a role in shaping the rest of my conference experiences. 

Global Conference Impact

The most significant thing about my time at the conference was making connections with other people from around the world, all involved in various things. I saw people close to my own age in leadership within Simply Mobilizing as well as their respective countries.

To me, this reality gave me courage to officially take on the role of Youth Coordinator in Canada, and I'm now helping to launch "The Unfinished Story for Youth" in Canada.

God used this conference to shape some of my future especially through the connections I've made with others at the conference. My personal journey with God has always been me stepping out with faith that God will lead me to wherever He wants me to go, whether that be helping to disciple and mobilize Canadian youth or even to move continents (iykyk*).

The Chiang Mai 2023 conference was a wonderful experience, and it was truly such a blessing to worship God with people from all over the world.

* iykyk = if you know, you know

Hi! My name is Tabitha. I'm a TCK (Third Culture Kid)/MK (Missionary Kid), a 5th Generation Canadian, and I consider myself to be somewhere in between Gen Z and Millennial both in terms of age and culture-wise. 


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