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Every Day Mission: A Kairos Story

Myra Brown /Monday, January 29, 2024


One thing the Kairos course gave me was a fuller awareness that I'm always on mission and the seemingly trivial details of life often can give me an opportunity to fulfill that mission. 

A great example of this was what happened when I went to the hairdresser several kilometres from my house. My sisters had recommended this particular hairdresser saying she was from Iraq and had the same first name, Amina, as one of my friends who is also from Iraq.

As I settled into her chair we chatted about a lot of things, and I told her about my friend from Iraq who shared her name. I told her about my friend being of a different faith than my own and she listened attentively. God's Spirit had already sensitized my heart to the fact that I was being given a golden opportunity to share the Good News with this lovely woman. So, I looked for a way to bring my own faith into our conversation and did so by referencing a volunteer opportunity I had been enjoying at my church.

Amina's face lit up and she asked me which church I attended. I told her and to my disbelief, she said, "That is my church also!" As we marvelled together about our large church with its three weekend services, we weren't surprised we had never seen each other there. I asked her about her faith journey, and she told me her wonderful story.

She said her brother had been invited to another large church in our city and there he had been introduced to the Savior and put his faith in Jesus. Amina told me the name of the pastor who had led him to the Lord. She said this pastor walked with her brother and before long the two of them had shared the Good News with her entire Calgary family. They all accepted Jesus as their Savior. I asked about other family members who live in another province. She said they were not yet Christ-followers but for some reason hadn't objected to Amina's decision to follow Christ.

We had a wonderful time of sharing together and when I left the salon, we shared a warm sisterly embrace! Recently I returned to her salon again and once more we enjoyed sweet fellowship together. I had brought a simple Bible reading plan to give her, but she was way ahead of me. She told me of her daily Scripture reading and her prayers and she shared how very meaningful the Christmas season was to her.

What a privilege to walk every day on mission with our loving, saving God. I look forward to my next "on mission" experience.    

Myra Brown is a mission mobilizer who previously worked for 26 years in Africa. Currently living in Calgary, she journeys alongside numerous new immigrant families. She is a Kairos head facilitator.


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